Modular Cleanroom Panels


Partitions are the essential structural ingredients in the formation of cleanrooms. We are manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom modular wall panels in Mumbai, India with international quality standards.

General Requirements:

  • Clean room used to build clean room differs from those used in non-clean room construction due to the following reasons.
  • Clean room plays a vitally significant role in components like Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and microelectronics as these industries require perfect environment for operational function excellence.
  • Clean room panel is designed in this way so that it can minimize contamination.
  • A clean room should be as an air-tight structure.
  • Some process chemical, cleaning agents, disinfectants and water may attack or penetrate conventional finishes
  • In some clean room, Electro-dissipative construction material will be required.
  • The internal surface finish should be sufficient that it could resist scratch, indentations, chipping or powdering when there is an impact or abraded.


  • Thin and light weight
  • Ease and speedily Fabricated
  • Factory Quality control during pre-fabrication.
  • Low cost & flexibility which allow us future changes.
  • In modular type of clean room shifting of location at much lower is possible compare to structural type
  • Smooth an easy to clean
  • Coving appears to be a essential part of panels.
  • No production Surfaces on which dust or other contaminations can settle.
  • System are perfectly airtight, that's why no problem in pressure balancing & cross contamination.
  • PUF injected panels with 40 KG/m3 Density for high Mechanical strength & insulation properties.
  • Less joints as compare to any other system of panel design.
Modular Panels Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels
Specification of Panels

Modular Double Walled Panels

Structural Frame Work Aluminum extruded section
Installation (PUF & Honey komb craft paper )
Connecting Profile Aluminum extrudend profile & GI
Base Profile Extruded aluminum / G.I Powder coated
Sealant Food grade Silicon
Width 900 MM , 1000 MM , 1200 MM
Height (Max) Up to 3000 mm
Panel Thickness 50 MM , 60 MM , 80 MM , 100 mm
Powder coating Thickness 60 µ Micron
SS Matt Finish
PCGI As per RAL shade