Laboratory Furniture


Latest designed and safety manufactured lab furniture goes a longlasting in creating the right work for environments. Our Stainless steel furniture is compliant to global standard to ensure reliability and durability. We manufacturer and supplier of lab furniture with wide variety of design for every budget.

Advantage in Your Lab :

Partitions are the essential structural ingredients in the formation of cleanrooms.

Ultra cleanroom system manufacturer and supplier laboratory furniture with latest quality products.

Fumes Hoods

Types Of Hood Units :
  • Bench Mounted types
  • Low bench type for distillation
  • Walk-in hood
  • Unit with auxiliary chamber
Lab Furniture
Stainless Steel Lab Furniture
Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

  • Wall mounted, Sliding door units
  • Anti-Vibration tables (Jet Black Granite , Epoxy and Laminate)
  • Mobile drawer unit
  • Walk-in hood
  • Sink Units (Stainless Steel 304 , PP , FRP)
  • Island work station
  • Wall and central work table

Storage & Other Accessories

  • Workmen storage cup boards
  • Scientific lab coats/ Dress storage cubicles
  • Storage angle racks
  • Chemical resistant cabinets
  • Wall Mounted Cabinets
  • Filing storage Cabinets
  • Glassware storage cabinets
Lab Furniture


  • Valves for Fluids
  • Fumes exhaust units
  • Electric cable duct for tables
  • Water and fluid net work