LAF - Laminar Air Flow


Ultra Clean Room Systems offers a precision engineered range of Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit. Our rage is safe to use as and suitable for the handling of non-hazardous products, sensible to dust and/or to contamination.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flows are conceptualized to provide a work area completely bathed in high. Horizontal Laminar air flow is clean benches which have their own supply of highly purified air in which the total air present in the enclosure moves in a unit directional velocity flowing in parallel lines, which is free from macroscopic fluctuations.

Laminar Air Flow


  • Unwire the units when opening the pre filter zone or accessing the HEPA zone.
  • Handle the HEPA filter with ultimate care, as it is highly valuable and delicate.
  • The electrical requirements are 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz.
  • The Pre filter must be cleaned every week by highly compressed Gas/Air.
  • The watt fluorescent tubes and the UV tube can be replaced without the use of any tools. Simply turn the tube 90 degrees using both hands, and it should detach easily. To replace, put another tube back in place and again. turn 90 degrees.
LAF Laminar Air Flow LAF Unit


  • Abrasion-resistant Mat Finishing steel.
  • HEPA filtering system and uniform laminar flow provides a class-100 contamination-free work area.
  • Easy to clan stainless steel base.
  • Pressure reading Magnehelic gauge indicates (including LCD Display) the status of Hepa filter and warns as to when the Hepa filter is to be replaced (i.e. 0-25 mm w.g. Pressure drop).
  • Face velocity of HEPA is adjustable from 90 ± 20 FPM.
  • Illumination system allows uninterrupted flow of clean air.
Laminar Equipment


  • General Construction: 19 gauge Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Finish: Buffed Matt Finish.
  • Final Filter : Mini plate HEPA filter 99.999% Efficient down to 0.3 microns.
  • Blower Motor : Three phase½ HP running at 220V, 50Hz at 1440 rpm incorporated with Aluminum impellers within powder coated MS housing having a noise level of less than 67 decibels and Suspended on springs to give minimum vibrations.
  • Lighting : LED Square Light.
  • Electrical : 220 V, 50Hz, single phase, all the wires are covered by PVC spiral bindings to ensure greater safety.
  • Performance : Dust counts exceeds class 100 requirements as per Standard.
  • Noise : Less then 67dbs on work surface area.
  • Vibration : 0.0001" average displacement on work table (if attached).